It’s better to be small and talented, but very personal.

CROSS ALLIANCE is managed by experienced capital market experts, established financial
and economic journalists and communication professionals.
We all know a lot about the intricasies of the capital market.
For many years, we have supported and advised well-known blue chip and medium sized corporations – in relationship building and relationship management with regard to investors
and the media, financial reporting and capital market transactions.

Because every client of ours has the benefit of director-level service, our clientele remains
selected and manageable. In this way we can work with intensity and a high level of
commitment with our business partners. This is the only way to create close partnerships,
genuine trust and a deep identification with our clients.

With CROSS ALLIANCE you are safe in the hands of experts because we know the communication
needs and information requirements of investors and analysts as well as financial and economic
journalists. We connect your equity story with your financial figures in a well integrated
financial communication – in such a manner that your message on the capital market is fully
understood – for an appropriate assessment and fair perception of your company.

What also defines us?

  • We are specialized in small and mid caps in growth sectors and accompany our clients from
    the first press release to M&A-deals.
  • Our annual report for elexis AG (SDAX) has won an award from the German Standard for
    “Exemplary Annual Reports”.