Euro Battery Minerals

Eurobattery Minerals with results of representative survey: Every second German considers buying an electric or hybrid car

• 48% are willing to pay a higher price for sustainable battery production.

• 57% support more mining in Europe for critical minerals.

Stockholm, 25 August 2022 – The mining company Eurobattery Minerals AB (Nordic Growth Market: “BAT” and Börse Stuttgart: “EBM”; in short: “EBM”, “Eurobattery” or “the Company”), announced the results of its electric car and sustainability survey today. The survey, commissioned by Eurobattery Minerals and conducted by YouGov, delivers the answer on how end customers, i.e. car buyers, feel about critical minerals (lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper) from countries like Congo, Chile, China or Russia – where decent working conditions, environmental protection or the prohibition of child labour do not play a major role.

The results of the representative survey show that sustainability is the top priority for most people considering the purchase of an electric or hybrid car. The willingness of German citizens to buy an electric or hybrid car as their next car has also increased by 18% compared to the previous year. Whereas last year 66% categorically refused to even think about buying or leasing an electric or hybrid car, this year only 48% did so. The main results of the survey are:

• 69% of respondents consider sustainability very important to important when buying an electric or hybrid car.

• Fair working conditions along the supply chain are very important to important for 59%.

• 53% attach importance to uncritical countries of origin for the components of an e-car.

• For 85%, the price of an electric or hybrid car is very important to important, for 83% the range is.

• 48% of respondents would be willing to pay a higher price for the car if the battery components were produced more sustainably.

• 57% of respondents are in favour of increased mining of battery minerals in Europe – i.e., more mines – to reduce dependence on China.

• 48% of respondents do not own an electric or hybrid car, neither want to lease nor are thinking about buying or leasing. Compared to a very similar Eurobattery Minerals survey in 2021, this is 18% fewer Germans than last year.

“We had a similar survey done a year ago and were curious to see what had changed in the mindset of the citizens due to inflation, gas and electricity crisis and Ukraine war. It showed that many more people are now thinking about buying an electric car and that their main motivation is the sustainable production of all components – especially the battery. An astonishing 57% of respondents were in favour of more mining in Europe to ensure decent working conditions and respect for the environment when mining critical minerals. This is a clear vote and should give politicians food for thought,” says Roberto García Martínez, CEO of Eurobattery Minerals.

About the survey

The survey was conducted by the analysis institute YouGov in the period from 3 to 5 August 2022. The survey is based on a total of 2051 online interviews with German citizens aged 18 and over from the YouGov Panel Germany. The members of the panel have agreed to participate in online interviews.
The survey can be viewed in the appendix of the release (see below).

About Eurobattery Minerals

Eurobattery Minerals AB is a Swedish mining company listed on Swedish Nordic Growth Market (BAT) and German Börse Stuttgart (EBM). With the vision to make Europe self-sufficient in responsibly mined battery minerals, the company’s focus is to realize numerous nickel-cobalt-copper projects in Europe to supply critical raw materials and, as such, power a cleaner world.
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