Sustainability Reports / CSR Advice: YOU only have until the end of this year!

The EU reporting obligation for non-financial benefits will apply from 2017. It applies to all capital-market-oriented and stock
market listed companies with over 500 employees. This Directive introduces measures that will strengthen the accountability
and transparency of more than 6000 companies within Europe. They will be required to report on environmental matters as
well as social and employee related, human rights, anti-corruption and bribery matters.

They will also be required to describe their business model as well as outcomes and risks of related policies and the diversity
policy applied for management and supervisory bodies.

Gathering data, managing teams and creating the contents for such a report will take time and effort and the first reports are
due from the end of this year.

We would suggest that starting to plan, coordinate and adapt your company during these coming months will help save time,
resources and future unexpected workloads.

Don’t worry – we can help you!

Together with our Partner Management Alliance, training partner of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and certified
course provider of the Deutsche Börse AG on sustainability management, we are ready to support you with the development
of a sustainability strategy, the introduction of resulting organizational processes and of course the holistic preparation of your
sustainability report.

With us by your side, it can be achieved easily and more effectively – taking the worry away from you.