We maintain a highly successful network of experts, because not everyone can do everything with equal competence. We focus on highly professional financial communication. Depending on the requirements and the individual project, we bring the appropriate partners on board. What sets us apart from the rest are our high standards of quality, innovation and reliability.

Corporate Finance: Aalto Capital

Hand in hand with our partner Aalto Capital we develop individual solutions for international clients in the field of bonds and notes. Aalto Capital is a reliable advisor for all corporate finance, capital markets and M&A transactions. Aalto Capital offices are located in London, Munich, Helsinki, Stockholm, Zurich and New York.

Public Relations: Newskontor

We work together with our partner company Newskontor, a PR agency specializing in business and finance, to best advise our clients on all communication issues. We always make sure that the best possible advice is at your disposal.

Sustainability Reporting: Management Alliance

Together with our Partner Management Alliance, training partner of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and certified course provider of the Deutsche Börse AG on sustainability management, we are happy to support you in the development of a sustainability strategy, the introduction of resulting organizational processes and, of course, in the holistic preparation of your sustainability report.

Capital market Conferences: CF&B

Joinedly with CF&B Communication, an independent and leading financial communications agency in Europe, we establish and intensify contacts between institutional investors and listed companies. The best example of this is the “MidCap Events®” that CF&B has been organizing for decades.