Investor Relations – to gain and retain investors.

Investor Relations means convincing investors and maintaining them in the long term. If you can
achieve this, you can gain a decisive lead in the tough competition for investor funds. We
provide shareholders and investors with excellent information, an authentic equity story and the
proximity to the financial market – a good reason why they should choose your stock. To achieve
this, we involve ourselves intensively with your company, your image and your products or
services. We become your partners and confidants. Only then can we give your financial
communications a clear and authentic direction.

In our opinion, Investor Relations does not mean smooth talking a company to maximize the
share price. It means creating good publicity on a company’s own matters in a well-informed
and subtle way. This, we believe, is the only way to manage and inform the market in the most
advantageous way.

In terms of Investor Relations, we can do a lot for you

  • Establish and maintain contacts with banks, investors and analysts
  • Support companies at capital market conferences
  • Market, peer group and perception studies
  • Organization and support of press conferences, roadshows, one-on-one meetings and annual
    general meetings
  • Editing of board member speeches and shareholder letters